High Performance Parts for the Z31 Model 300ZX's - Current Offerings

Please contact russellcharlton@gmail.com for any questions regarding these parts.

Differential Mount V2 - US $200
Free Shipping to cont. USA!

High-performance direct-fit replacement differential mount. This unit helps to greatly reduce the movement of the rear suspension relative to the body. While some additional gear/road noise will be present, the reduced compliance promotes a much more solid and predictable feeling rear suspension during street driving, road racing and even drag racing.

  • Installation can be completed in as little as 1 hour in your Z31.

  • Will not encourage differential case egging around the pinion shaft like solid mounts.

  • Far less interior gear noise compared to solid mounts.

  • Less expensive than new OEM diff mount.

  • Re-uses existing fastener and includes complete instructions.

  • Must be used along with poly Rear Crossmember IRS Bushings.

  • Made In The USA

    Note for all customers who purchased our V1 Differential Mount and wish to upgrade to the V2 Differential Mount: I am offering an upgraded steel angle bracket to improve the V1 mount at no cost. You can also opt for an upgrade kit (sold to you at cost) which converts the V1 mount to the V2 mount design. Please contact Russ via e-mail for your upgrade.

Russ' Adjustable Cam Gears - US $249
+ $100 core charge
(In Stock)
Free Shipping to cont. USA!
Available in
RED and BLUE for VG30 and VG33


Available For both VG30 and VG33! Perhaps one of the mose useful but overlooked tuning tools, these cam gears are precision machined stock gears with replacement aluminum hubs. The use of 8 bolts to secure the hub assures they will always stay in the set degreed position and never “slip”. Adjusting camshaft timing up to +5 and -10 degrees has never been easier or more accurate! No other adjustable cam gear on the market offers this adjustment ability or versatility for the VG30.

Changing cam timing "shifts the powerband up or down". Generally speaking, advancing cam timing yields more mid-low range torque, while retarding cam timing yields more high end horsepower. See for yourself with the dyno graphs here. Contact me to request VG33 round tooth style, otherwise order is default for VG30 square toothed style gears. Made In The USA

ATTENTION: $100 cam gear core fee charged at time of purchase. We prefer cam gear cores to be sent in advance with a money order, but the links above will allow you to purchase a set if you can't have any vehicle downtime. Cores must be VG30 cam gears of OEM type, and NOT be painted or excessively rusty. Contact russellcharlton@gmail.com for information.

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